• Lush hills in Azores
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    Getting lost in the Azores on a Scooter

    Every time I think of the Azores, two things come in my mind. One: The beauty of this place was overwhelming and unlike anything I’d encountered elsewhere. Its rolling, almost neon-green hills; volcanic, black-stone cliffs; and winding roads that lead to seaside hot springs and volcanic beaches and ancient looking woods that reminds you of Jurassic Park. Two: It was and is an adventure seeker paradise and a place I could imagine myself living – peaceful and exciting at the same time. Back in June 2016, we were about to explore the biggest island of Azores – São Miguel. It is an archipelago composed of nine volcanic islands in the…

  • Latvia

    Latvia and the Latvian way of life

    When in Rome you must do as the Romans do and accept the local customs if they are not immoral. St. Vincent de Paul My English professor was always quoting this man. Latvians, nevertheless a very tiny nation, have some truly unique customs that will surprise even the most experienced travellers. Many people have no clue about Latvia. The best chances are they have heard of Riga somewhere in eastern Europe. Do you mean Lithuania? Do you speak Russian? Sorry, what? These are the common questions I receive after telling I come from Latvia. There are many facts you probably don´t know. Latvia’s internet speeds are among the fastest in…

  • Red roods
    Photography,  Porto

    Porto Visual Journal: Winter light

    Photography is something I got into when I started travelling. However, I have discovered that when you live in a place for some time you start to look at the same things from a different angle which makes it so fun! I decided to create a visual journal to document my explorations here in Porto. The following photos are from this winter. I will gradually add more content. I could stay here all morning and watch the sun rising. Since I work right next to the sea, every time I leave work I get an amazing scene right in front of me. Now that I have a new toy, my…

  • London art installation, travel
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    Travel stories from 2018

    Behind every trip, there are stories that you will never forget. 2018 has been a busy year and although mostly local I managed to follow my adventurous spirit and do many hikes, road trips and city breaks. Also I will share with you my worst getting lost scenario!