Name: Kristine Balta
Age: 26 years
Occupation: Architect
Born in: Latvia
Currently based: Porto, Portugal
Citizenship: World
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Addiction: Sports
Hobbies: Blog, Urban Sketching, Dancing
Nr.1 place to be: Into the Wild

How I started writing?

Writing has always been a way to organise my thoughts and goals. Initially I started blogging to satisfy my inner writer needs – I would post things like poems, thoughts and daily observations. In 2013 I started travelling, passed one year in Spain and visited more than 10 countries. Krisitne Ventures (before: has been online since October 2015 when I had finished my first hitch-hiking trip and wanted to share my experience. Same year I moved to Portugal and continued blogging to keep my family updated. 

Porto photo gallery

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I am a creative creature. I have been writing dairies and creating all different kinds of stuff since I remember myself. I come from a small Baltic country – Latvia – a land of forests and lakes which explains my deep connection to the nature and interest in outdoors activities. Also we have strong culture and nation awareness. We have gone through tough times (see this ironically precise video, which gives you a perfect introduction) which has shaped our characters very differently from the rest of the Europeans. We are a small country with decreasing population and many weird nature kids like me.

Sigulda – Turaida castle

When I was a kid, I wasn’t allowed to pass a radios of 200 m from my house. I had to find a way to entertain myself (also internet was something you would get only in the library). So me and my brother we were one of the last who had an old style childhood. Living in a small town, Sigulda (12 000 inhabitants), unlike other girls, I was into “manly” things. Apart from sewing dresses for the barbies, I built things, daily. Either it was a house for the rabbit or one for myself in a tree, ladders or wood weapon everything had to be handmade and practical. Of course I didn’t realise at that time I would become an architect, neither did any of my parents.

Buddies in crime
  My disease – or in other words Travel bug
Hike in Lagoa das Furnas, São Miguel, Azores Islands
Hiking in Azores Islands

What I do when I don’t do architecture? I travel. Since Erasmus I had this travel bug and I wasn´t able to stay in one place more than two months, so I decided to move to Portugal. But initially – two months after finishing my hitchhiking trip in Iberian Penisula, I had to make the next decision. What to do with my life?? So I simply bought a one way ticket to the place I was seeing in my dreams and the place that I had fallen in love with. Being a person that lives with no “what if´s”, I thought:

If I don´t do this now, I might regret it forever.

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