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Living on the edge – challenge yourself

Ever since I had to choose, I would always pick the hardest path. The hardest university program, the topic I knew nothing about, the last possible train, the cheapest plane (where I have to change airports in two hours). I could continue this list forever – picking the option that gives me enough of excitement and satisfies my curiosity and challenges myself.

An inspiration for others, struggle of a lifetime

Yesterday I had a conversation with a friend of mine who was saying that she sometimes admires me. The life I am living, the courage I have. “I could not do that,” she says. And people really do say these things to me once in a while. I am happy if I can inspire someone to follow their dreams. I have never lacked motivation or strive for success in my life, what I did lack was consistency. An that is the part I am working on right now.

Downsides of this kind of lifestyle

But the kind of life I am living comes with a lot of stress. And if you do not know how to manage your emotions (i am very emotional), you might explode at some point. To be honest, it has been really hard here in Portugal. There have been times when I had 60 cents in the bank account and another 5 in the wallet.

Freelancing is not the most stable income source to rely on, because at one point you might get no commisions. And that is what happened to me. Then you think to yourself. What have I learned, how have I improved? Is this good for my carrier, how can I make it work? The feeling that you are not able to support yourself sucks a lot and can take away all the joy of your life, even if you are getting the daily dose of vitamin D. Luckily I am also good in controlling my mind and finding solutions.

Observe your surroundings

search for what disturbs you living your life at the fullest. Then think of how you can improve it. In my case, it was changing the house. Apart from spending all my salary, neither did I feel really comfortable there, so I found an option in less than a week. I am out of there. Thanks to the dear lord or whoever created the couch surfing community because it is a real life saver. You might be wondering why I don’t go back home if it so hard here. Well, it’s because I have found a person I want to stay with forever.

Inner growth

It has been almost 5 months here. I will soon make a new personal record – longest time away from Latvia. I am doing the same freelance drafter job. I am writing some articles which will soon be published and once in a while I send my resume to some architecture offices. I have travelled quite a bit, I have found out some new things about myself and I have gained lessons that hopefully will help me.

Keep calm and life will surprise you

Lesson #1 Sometimes you just have to go for the easiest option.

Lesson #2 Stressing about the things will not make it better. And if you do not feel happy – look around!

Let go of the people who dull your sunshine, poison your spirit and bring you drama. Cancel your subscription to their issues.

Do what is best for yourself. Love yourself and if you are struggling, trust me, there are people who are willing and able to help! My biggest support here has been my other half. Thank you. <3

It is dangerous to live on the edge, but if you don’t do it, you might never see the view.

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living on the edge

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