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Local foreigner – my first 3 months in Portugal

Today I am celebrating my third month since I moved to live here in Porto. Not everything has been so easy. Three weeks after I arrived I already had a return ticket in my pocket. Though sometimes it takes only a few days to turn your life around 180 degrees. I decided to stay and to create my happiness here.


Being out of the comfort zone.

Everybody knows how hard it is to change your environment, how many obstacles we have to overcome in order to gain that “comfy feeling” once again. Especially if it’s a different country and culture that even if you knew was present there, you may not had realized that it would be rather challenging to “go with the flow”.

The thing is, that you don’t have to sit on the same raft. You simply have to accept the new environment and make the most out of the resources you have been provided with but might have stubbornly ignored before while convincing yourself that it was better back there – “home”. They say it takes one month to get used to a new home. Though I will always repeat the following lines:

You will never be completely at home again, because part of your heart will always be elsewhere. That is the price you pay for the richness of loving and knowing people in more than one place.

Be owner of your life

It takes just as much of effort to cut your hair, skip the class or break a traffic rule, as it takes to go back to where you started in the first place. The last couple of days before my flight, I was intensively thinking about this, when I eventually realized that no mum, uncle or any other person was actually living your life. Everybody is smart enough to sty what would be better for you, and you know it better even yourself! It takes a decent amount of courage to crawl out of that nest and once you are out, you do not want to settle back again. Though keep in mind – that your mum will always send you money for a return ticket if you are doomed to become homeless.

Sobreira, Porto district

Looking back

Right now, more than two months after that, i don’t have even a slightest slightest of regret. I have experienced wonderful Christmas – the most fancy and fun ones in my life and so much of happiness that I felt overwhelmed. I wrote about it here in my personal blog. When I look back at 2015, it started very hectically. I was doing my final project. I think I will never forget that evening. Imagine a scene – in my pajama, gluing together the tiny parts of my scale model with a glass of champagne by my side and nirvana playlist on the background, totally exhausted and wishing that it would pass sooner. Architecture studies is a heavy rock to carry on your shoulders. For sure it is not for everyone. Once I finished that next came the thesis, that extended until June 2015. After successfully discussing my dissertation and changing houses a several times, I went for almost a two months long summer hitchhiking trip, that I wrote about  here. I came back motivated to leave for real as soon as I could. I worked hard for it and now I am here. 2015 has been difficult but exciting and fun in the same time since the first day until the last one. I finished what had to be finished, thanks to the family support and the inner strength I kept hidden inside. I left Latvia and I can’t wait for the new experiences I already see coming.


New opportunities

Basically my account is always in balance, which is zero. This is the most frustrating part for me and the reason I wanted to return back to Latvia before. Of course, now I have figured out some ways how to save money, but it feels like experiencing the student times again. Living here is a bit more expensive than Riga what is mostly because of the housing expanses. Also the dream job I was coming for, does not seem to be waiting for me. I continue the same job I was doing back in Latvia and I am still working on my personal webpage and waiting for that first magical freelance job in pph. Be patient, I always remind myself.

A walk by the atlantic

On the other hand, I have this awesome opportunity to develop other talents of mine. Thanks to my superabundant amount of free time and intense social networking I came up with something I knew was made for me. I applied and since now I am going to be an ARTICLE WRITER for an architecture related online magazine – REFLECT HOUSE. I can write about whatever I want and I will be edited by a professional. When I was having the Skype interview I couldn’t hide my excitement. The best part about this is that my name will be out the for a much bigger audience and my words could reach some beneficial ears. If everything goes well, I will have additional income as well, because since the platform is new, it is a volunteer position. I will keep you updated and I am already working on my first article – Wall Mosaics.

Thanks for reading!


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