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Urban sketches in Etsy e-commerce website

I am about to put my drawings for sale on e-commerce platform – as a free time passive income source (since I am one of those who cannot imagine myself working 8/5 for someone else, can read my thoughts about this here.

Besides shipping a few original peaces to my friends, I have never promoted myself nor tried to make business out of it. I have gained some recognition in social networks and people have always encouraged me to sell my art. I don´t really consider myself as an artist, I am more like a multi-skilled, multi-interest creative millennial. I am not able to limit myself and I won´t because you are kind of neglecting your personality. However, I am on the path to discovering the direction, my purpose. Meanwhile, I will focus on this one thing – urban sketching. I have created an Instagram account @krisscrossart where I will publish all the drawings I have done and will do in the future. My idea with this is to transmit a story of what I see and know for travelers and architecture/art lovers. Read how I started urban sketching and see some of my early drawings. 🙂
You can see and purchase one of my prints either by clicking in menu: urban sketching – prints or go here:
Updated: 19-06-18

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