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Why we love someone?

I guess in every relationship there comes a point when you are being asked: “Why do you love me?”


I don’t need a reason to love you, nor did I plan it. Since the moment we met I was completely drawn away and madly in love. Even though I can answer the question what I love about you, there is no magic potion that explains why I love you. Your glowing lion eyes and your strong hand on my shoulders. Your courageous smile and the way you laugh and dance.  I could be watching you for the rest of my life.

You bring joy in my life and we are so compatible that people who meet us see the words “in love” written on our faces. Why you need the reasons for the obvious? How do I explain you that being fallen into your arms, resting my head on your chest is what it feels like to be in love and it is the best feeling in the world. I love, love, love , love you!

But that’s how we are right? You need to convince yourself that just because you think I am beautiful doesn’t mean you do not deserve me. Every day I am grateful to that worldly power that brought us together. I am knowing myself every day, and my love becomes more solid and profound along the way. What used to be a state of “I am falling in love with you” now is “I am madly in love with you.”

dedicated to my girlfriend, year 2016

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