• The entrance of the Starigrad-Paklenica National Park
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    Hiking in Starigrad Paklenica National Park, Croatia

    If you are a nature lover, adventure – seeker, enjoy hiking and are interested in Croatia´s fauna and natural heritage, than Paklenica NP might be your choice. Me and my partner we are true nature lovers, and for our spring break we chose to travel to Croatia. Read why croatia is the perfect spring trip destination. Being only 47km north (northeast) from Zadar it makes an excellent day trip option. Our first full day in Croatia started with a bus ride and the following 6 h fitness test.

  • connecting flights
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    50 min connecting flight – how to catch it?

    Dear readers, with an intriguing end of my Spring trip to Balkans, I will finally give you some update. You must have heard of the famous Murphy rule: “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” It was not my case. After this experience I can call my expert in planning connecting flights.

  • Spring holidays Balkans
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    Spring trip to Balkans – why Croatia?

    Spring has finally arrived in Porto and cold winter evenings´ travel destination researches have come to an end. Countdown has started, 1 day until departure. However we are faced with a ridiculous situation when a planned trip can turn into a totally spontaneous one. When planning a trip you have to narrow down your search, by taking  into consideration various factors. I will tell you why we picked Croatia as our travel destination.

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    What kind of traveller are you?

      Monkey in action 😊🐒🐒🍀🍀🌲 My type of Sunday #woods #endofsummer #weekend #naturelover All credits to @joanamnferreira 😀 A post shared by KRISTINE BALTA (@kristineventures) on Oct 1, 2017 at 7:41am PDT I pay for experiences, not for things. I am a budget traveller. I am not afraid to travel alone. I am a woman hitch-hiker. I am using couchsurfing. I love nature and hiking. I like to get lost in a new city. I rarely buy souvenirs. I collect travel notes. I try the local food. I make new friends. My favourite quotes All of this reflects in my travel stories. You don´t need a lot of money to travel,…