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Photography,  Porto

Porto Visual Journal: Winter light

Photography is something I got into when I started travelling. However, I have discovered that when you live in a place for some time you start to look at the same things from a different angle which makes it so fun! I decided to create a visual journal to document my explorations here in Porto. The following photos are from this winter. I will gradually add more content.

I could stay here all morning and watch the sun rising.

Since I work right next to the sea, every time I leave work I get an amazing scene right in front of me. Now that I have a new toy, my new obsession is sunsets. Finally, I can capture this beauty (at least try to). Learning every day. All photos were taken with Olympus E-M10 mark II and m.zuiko 14-42 R II kit lens. But that´s another story, let´s see what the M43 is capable of!

If it´s the first time you visit Porto, read the post below!

See more photos in instagram @krstineventures or my 500px gallery.

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