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My first Hitchhiking summer across Spain and Portugal

I was using Tumbrl for blogging, but it did not bring me any audience. I hope here someone will hear me. I want to share a post I made last year in September.

The hitch-hiking trip around Penisula 2015

I just finished the first part of my this summer trip. Over 3700 km, from which 90% was made by hitchhiking. Not bad for the first time i think. 23 days in total. It was supposed to be done only by hitch-hiking, but if u end up in a small village, like on the border of Spain and Portugal where u become the moment of the day for the locals and see only two cars PASSING you during one hour, there is no other option than start walking or take the bus. The first week I spent hitch-hiking with my Spanish friend. Starting from Foz along the Spain northern coastline. I would say that the hardest part was Burgos. It was impossible to hitch-hike a car. The people wouldn’t even look at you. We even went to the other exit of the city but with no success, had to take the bla-bla car which is the cheep option for transport. It saved me a few more times later on. We stuck also in Santander and Puebla de Sanabria, then also Braganza was impossible. In Porto I met a hitch-hiker, after splitting up with my friend, who was standing there for one hour with no success..

After Lisbon everything went smoothly. I was alone and the maximum time standing in one point was 30 min. Either it is because it is Portugal or because I am a girl solo traveler, but it worked out.
About my equipment..I had actually nothing. My bag seemed lighter and lighter every time I put it on.
I had NO sleeping bag, NO tent, NO towel (well I had, but I lost it), NO wifi. The travelers I met called me crazy.
So considering these things i always had to find a place to stay, and i wouldn’t pay for the hostel. in this trip I spent money for that only two times, one Albergue and one hostel. all the other times i was actively searching for hosts in CS. I wrote people one hour before and they accepted me. For example from Santarem i had to reach Sagres in one day. Very optimistic.. isn’t it?? well i didn’t. I got stuck in Lisboa and found a host after half an hour sitting in cafe and drinking beer. Some people would say it is dangerous or irresponsible or stupid. Bu tin the end I met so many people and i learned that there are loads of good people who can and are willing to help. The hosts were all very nice and some drivers would even bring farther than they need.

I used other people phones more than mine, because mine would never have the zone or credit, I would sleep in the beach and meet up with people later on in the south! i would go party with strangers and sit in a bar until a bartender would offer a beer.. he he. Yes, I am a girl, and for a boy it wouldn’t be the same, but I think if u are a girl and travelling alone, it comes with a risk but also with a lot of fun.

It was tiring and sometimes I would just think.. f.. it all, take the hotel and have some hot bath…that would be easy. However I never liked easy. I feel satisfied and gained a lot. Being alone with yourself gives you both  – more freedom and dealing with yourself.
Good luck you all, and if someone needs any information about the route I made, feel free to contact me ;))

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