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    Moving abroad for love – what to expect?

    I am a rather spontaneous and adventurous person, I love to travel. I always had a thing for everything foreign, and I always knew I would live abroad. 13th of October of 2015 I moved to Portugal to try out the life there. This decision changed my life for 180 degrees. So I will brief shortly should havs and must havs, when you suddenly fall in love and you partner turns out to be a foreigner. 

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    Life Ventures

    Local foreigner – my first 3 months in Portugal

    Today I am celebrating my third month since I moved to live here in Porto. Not everything has been so easy. Three weeks after I arrived I already had a return ticket in my pocket. Though sometimes it takes only a few days to turn your life around 180 degrees. I decided to stay and to create my happiness here.